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About IPN

Island Property News is the on-island resource to find current homes for sale and rent, as well as contact information for all Bermudian Real Estate Agencies. With over 5000 issues printed monthly, IPN is available for free online and from newsstands and real estate agents island-wide.

Island Property News is published monthly by Property News Limited with the day to day operations being carried out by emedia.

The publication was published originally by Ian Coles of Bermuda Marketing, but was bought out in the early 90s by Nikki Lines Murray-Mason, and subsequently by Tricia Lines Hill, and in 2000 by Diana Heslop. Today Diana and Tricia are the sole shareholders of Property News Limited.

The real estate newsletter was first published in October 1986 and quickly became the island’s key resource for Bermudians looking to buy a home.

As an independent real estate publication, IPN is supported by the majority of real estate agents in Bermuda, which makes it the most comprehensive single resource for your real estate needs.

Since its launch, IPN has grown to cover homes and apartments for rent and is now a favorite real estate source for all residents on island. Over the years, we have even been asked to send out overseas subscriptions to Bermudians abroad and international purchaser prospects.

Our website, launched in August 2010, enables us to add value to our realtors’ advertisements and bring readers online to the most popular real estate publication in Bermuda.

Please do not hesitate to provide any feedback to info@emedia.bm or tlineshill@transact.bm.

Enjoy our publication, and thank you for your support.


Island Property News welcomes contributions from realtors and industry experts. Please contact info@emedia.bm should you want to submit an article or factoid for our publication. Please understand that space constraints may prohibit us from publishing any information in the upcoming issue, and we reserve the right to decline inclusion in IPN.


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